Brent Comber Wooden Furniture

January 20, 2011

Canadian designer Brent Comber creates furniture using wood in unusual ways. His ‘alder’ series features branches which have been clumped together and cut into geometric forms. The result of this process keeps the form of the tree intact while create a contemporary form. The ‘shattered’ collection has a similar process but instead of branches, it uses cut sections from logs. This creates an effect that resembles shattered glass or ice, hence the name. Comber’s most innovative use of wood can be found in his series of lampshades made from cedar trunks. The shades have small perforation drilled in the side to let light through. Comber’s work is all made with sustainably harvested wood, often using scraps from wood mills.


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  1. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like the 70s classic “Nomadic Furniture”, you’ll like this. It’s basically a system for creating furniture from sheets of plywood and cutting slots to push pieces together, as opposed to nail/glue/screw, so you can unslot them, pile up the flat pieces and move, using minimal tools. Some of the designs are really outstanding (I love the doublesided desk) some not so much, but all of it is quite clever. These designs would also be very good for cheap dollhouse furniture, which the author mentions in the section on creating scale models of what you are going to build. If you are a college student or move frequently, or maybe even just need some cheap furniture, you’ll like this. The reason I don’t give it five stars is he suggests adding pegs to strengthen where certain pieces join in loadbearing furniture, like couches (the pegs would pull out when you move), but doesn’t really effectively illustrate this. The concept is simple enough but I would have liked detailed photos of the technique. And some of the designs are a bit outdated (stereo storage!) But overall, for the right audience, it’s a great find.

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