Imperia GP has Smart Car CO2 Emissions, Ferrari-like Performance

March 2, 2011

First seen at the Belgian Auto Show last month (yes, one does exist), automaker Imperia Automobiles has released full details and pricing of their new revival model. Known as the Imperia GP, the model looks like something that was created by Wiesmann or Morgan. But forget the styling, the real fun lies in what powers the GP. Power for the Imperia GP comes from a 1.6L 4-cylinder inline turbo engine making 207-hp with a maximum torque of 184 lb-ft. The engine is mated to 134-hp electric-motor that gets its fuel from Li-Polymer batteries. 0-62 mph in hybrid mode (with the engine and motor working together) comes in just 4 seconds. In electric-mode, the Imperia GP can hit 62 mph in 6 seconds. When the battery is fully charged, the Imperia GP can also travel on electric-power alone for 43.5 miles. Pretty interesting.

As described by Imperia: “a vehicle whose consumption and CO2 emissions are comparable to those of a Smart ForTwo, whilst still guaranteeing outstanding performance easily rivalling makes with an established reputation, like Ferrari or Porsche.”

The Imperia GP will be available from 2012 with prices starting at 89,950 euros ($122,273 USD). The first units will be a special-edition model with prices starting at 120,360 euros ($163,611 USD). Read the full review with more photos, videos, and words here.



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