Le Whif – Breathable Chocolate and Coffee

May 13, 2011

Now that we’re well into the 21st century, there’s still no flying cars, hoverboards or teleportation, but there is breathable chocolate and coffee! Yes, now you can enjoy all of the taste and none of the calories when you breathe in from the cool new Le Whif.

Just place one of these gourmet inhalers between your lips and breathe in to deliver a futuristic shot of tasty chocolate or coffee. The particle size of the powder and the way the inhaler is designed prevents it from ever entering your lungs, it simply lands in your mouth where you can taste and enjoy it. Each whiff is less than one calorie, so it’s great for chocoholics watching their diet and a much tastier alternative for smokers looking to quit. Each 100% biodegradable tube comes with enough powder for around 8 whiffs and are available in 3 packs of either coffee or a variety pack that includes pure chocolate, raspberry chocolate, and mint chocolate flavors.

What’s next breathable bacon? Hmm…


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