Olight SR90 Intimidator – Most Hardcore Flashlight

April 21, 2011

The flashlight that you see in the picture above is the Olight SR90 Intimidator – it definitely lives up to its name. Seriously, it pumps out 2200 lumens, has a 1000 meter range and can run for 80-150 minutes.

“Welcome to a new era in LED technology. Leading the way is the Olight SR90 – a solid state LED flashlight that’s considerably brighter than a car headlight – and which throws it’s beam further. This is the first LED light we’ve ever seen which plays in the same league as an HID for output but the SR90 has an advantage: it offers instant, 100% output, which also allows it to strobe, and the optical superiority offers a much cleaner, smoother beam profile.”

As far as I can see, the only drawback is the $450 price tag. That and the amateurish background cleanup that someone did on the picture. Other than that, this thing is awesome. [Red Ferret]


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  1. It sounds good. I have also powerful flashlight mady by Armytek. It’s Armytek Barracuda 1390 lumens. Really impressive perfomance and realibility.

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